Vito’s Italian Restaurant

 116 Bartram Oaks Walk
Ste 101
Fruit Cove, FL 32259
We finally made it out to the new Vito’s location and it is sweet.  The space is massive, with several large dining rooms,  separate bar space, and outside seating, well appointed a change from the previous location.  The family  owned and operated restaurant boasts a long existence in town, dating back to the early 80’s.  On this visit the family was on site, visiting each table, checking on customers,  Chef  Giulio  made his rounds as well greeting everyone.  Nice touch!
 Looking over the appetizers we were  wishing for something we had not seen before, but no luck. We chose  to share the Mozzarella Di Buffalo, with ripe tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil.  Tomatoes were far from ripe, and not very tasty.  Mozzarella slices had a good texture, and the olive oil sweet and light.  
Mozzarella with Buffalo

Mozzarella Di Buffalo

We each chose a bowl of soup, my companion the Chicken and I opted for the Minestrone. My companion declared the soup Okay, which is usually not okay.  The pasta looked like spaghetti o’s.

Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

My choice, was unlike any Minestrone ever experienced.  The usual veggies I associate with this soup were absent or perhaps just emulsified in the broth, heavy on red beans, and ditalini  pasta, more at home on a  Mexican menu.



The main dishes a Chicken Piccata, sauteed with capers, artichoke hearts with white wine and lemon butter.  If the line “you eat with your eyes first” is believed, I would have been asleep.  On the up side the dish was quite tasty, the chicken tender and well seasoned, with nice balance of lemon flavor.

Chicken Piccata

My dish the Linguine Matriciana, listed as sauteed prosciutto and onions in a spicy marinara sauce missed the mark.  Pasta well overcooked, sauce bland with little body.

Linguini Matriciana

Linguine Matriciana

The verdict, the food was not bad, but not exceptional either. When we left we were both undecided if we would return to try other items on the menu.  The reviews for this spot are great, on our visit people were waiting to get in, so they must be doing something right.  End of the day thoughts; get the crew and make it an Italian night.  Remember the more people you bring the more dishes you can order to get a feel for the menu, plus for me when it comes to food the more people at the table the more fun even if the food is just meh.



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  1. Was it still the soft opening menu? I heard after many months they still hadn’t opened the full menu yet.


    • I don’t know if this was left over from the soft opening, since I was not there. The menu is robust but nothing pops out. I think I would go back and try something different jut to be fair. Thanks for reading


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