Whiteway Delicatessen

1237 King St
Jacksonville, FL 32204
After eating here, I reflected on why, it was bookmarked on a list? The reviews were for the most part positive, so why not.  The most positive comment I can make, it’s a long time local spot, where Sam and family who works here treats the customers like old-time clients  Over the top friendly, it was my first visit and I was treated like a regular.
The interior walls covered with pictures of customers that the owner takes great delight in posting. The menu area covered in old and curling, letter size paper sheets, with the names of  locals who have  special sandwiches named after them as well as  the  regular menu board, if you don’t see what you want ask and it’s yours.  There is “stuff” all over which is always a red flag for me.
Menu Board and Specials named after people

Menu Board and Specials named after locals








Lots of clutter

The clutter is, well like clutter all over









more space

Two large seating areas.

I was there just before lunch and the staff was busy filling to go orders, but Sam the owner stepped away from the counter and came over to  ask what I would like to order. Craving some old time NY deli food I ordered a Pastrami and Corned beef on Rye with lots of dark spicy  mustard.  Sam did ask if I wanted tabbouleh on the sandwich, telling me it’s the best in town.  I passed.  I got my drink picked up a bag of chips, and sat up front, where all the action is. If I ever go back I will choose the dining area.

My dreams of a killer sandwich were quickly dash when my food arrived.

Corned Beef and Pastrami

Corned Beef and Pastrami

For a two meat sandwich it was pretty anemic, the requested dark spicy mustard barely covered the bread.  Perhaps I should have gone with the  tabbouleh, it could have been a filler and the sandwich less dry.

My thoughts,  I wasn’t so wowed that I can recommend it. If I am in the area I may stop in and order something containing the highly touted tabbouleh,  If you are in the area for sure give it a try. If you like it let me know, I will reconsider.



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