The Tree Steakhouse and Oak Bar

11362 San Jose Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32223

The Tree Steak house has been in Jacksonville for as long as I remember.  A fine dining spot in Arlington, when fine dining in Jacksonville was almost non existant.  Now in the Mandarin area it has retained its reputation as being one of the best steak houses in town.  Elegant surroundings, top-notch service, plus incredible food makes this a must try spot.

Kitchen Action

Open Kitchen

Once we were seated, our server greeted us, took our drink order and explained the specials for the evening. We started with two  appetizers  that piqued our interest; Lobster Fritters and the Red, White and Blue

Lobster Fritters

Lobster Fritters sweet lobster cream, avocado grapefruit relish

Perfectly browned, filled with large pieces of lobster, and a zesty relish to compliment the sweetness of the fish.  We appreciated the balance of fish to binder being plentiful in the fish side.


Red, White and Blue

Red, White and Blue chef sliced NY strip steak, bleu cheese butter with a hint of white chocolate

This dish was the star, meat tender just medium rare, the bleu cheese butter,  quality cheese with additional richness of the warm butter, add  to that the white chocolate so subtle, when it hit I had to stop and let the moment take me over. This is definitely a dish I would want again and again, my companion agreed.

For our entrees we chose what we were there for the prime beef the Tree is known for.  My companion opted for the  18 oz Rib Eye, and I opted for the Mixed grill, normally not a fan of the petite filet, our waiter made the dish sound so enticing I could not resist.


14 oz Rib Eye.

Perfect medium rare, nice char on the outside warm pink on the inside.  It sliced  easily with the regular table knife it was so tender.

Filet with Local Shrimp and Diver Scallops

Filet with Local Shrimp and Diver Scallops

When this arrived I knew it was the correct choice,  meat crispy out and warm pink inside, two large Diver Scallops, tender and sweet and two large Mayport Shrimp  with just a hint of brine, pulled together with a creamy  champagne sauce. I did share my shell-fish with my friend.

We also ordered many sides, as we always do,  whipped potatoes, creamy well seasoned that worked well with the meat.  Sauteed Spinach, a hint of garlic, not over cooked but softly wilted  with shaved Parmigiana cheese, and the Lobster Mac and Cheese.  We both agreed the Mac and Cheese is some of the best we have had any where in town. Large pieces of Lobster, a combination of cheeses perfectly melted, and creamy.

Garlic MashedSauteed Spinach

Lobster Mac and Cheese

Final thoughts, if you are a lover of all things steak this is a restaurant not to be missed.  A date night or special occasion spot for sure, and not so much for small children who may become bored easily.  There is a Sunday Brunch 10 to 2, offering traditional brunch fare as well as 5$$ Bloody Marys,  that may be more kid friendly.


Tree Steakhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. I’m curious what the final tab was for this meal? I understand after their recent renovation they jacked up the prices.


  2. The meal here is in line with the prices at any of the top steak houses in Jacksonville.The menu is available on their web site If you care to look at it. My friend picked up the check so I am not sure of the final total.
    Thanks for reading.


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