Hana Yori

12226-3 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32246
The sushi quests resumed this evening and Hana Yori   may have been the weeks winner for us. If you eat at a lot of sushi restaurants around any  town, it quickly becomes evident the menu is the same in most except for the special or house   rolls, even the appetizers are mostly the same. That was not true here.

The interior, several separate  rooms plus a private room available for a group. Another unique feature, their personalized blocks. When you enter ask for your block to personalize. As you leave l turn it in and in future visits have fun hunting for your block…they’re displayed all over the restaurant. There is  also a  hibachi table available to sit and catch the show put on by the chef.

Get your tile

After a long read of he menu we ordered an appetizer we have never seen before; Lava Fries. I can’t recall ever having french fries in a Japanese restaurant, they may be common, I just have never seen them, and we wanted to give it a whirl.

Lava Fries

Lava Fries

Large  wedge cut fries covered in Lava Sauce, a combination of  baked Krab and Shrimp Sauce.  The sauce was plentiful and tasty with just a hint of spice.  We  never imagined how good this dish was going to be.  We relished each bite.  The most unusual item.

Next we ordered two rolls: the The Russian Silk roll,  tuna, yellow tail, avocado, topped with Krab sticks, fish eggs, scallions, drizzled with spicy mayo and eel sauce.  This roll was nicely presented, looking like it was covered in angel hair pasta the Krab shredded so fine.

Russian Silk Roll

Russian Silk Roll

Fish fresh,  and cold, avocado firm, the addition of spicy mayo and eel sauce kept it moist with just a hint of sweet,  we did have additional shrimp sauce for dipping.

Our second choice, Tataki Roll, spicy turn, fish eggs, scallions, avocado, topped with seared escolar.

Tataki Roll

Tataki Roll

I had eaten escolar earlier in the week, there was no comparing the two,  These pieces, firm, thick, just a hint of fish taste, with a nice sear on the edges.  We were well pleased with this selection.

By the time we  finished, we were totaly sated, and pleased with our choice.  If you make the trip here you will be as well.  Get the crew together, ask for the private room and try many dishes, new and old time favorites.  Do not forget to get the Lava Fries,  they may be addictive, but in such a good way.




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