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9930  Old Baymeadows Rd
Jacksonville, FL 3225
My girlfriend and I made a visit to Open Sushi to check it out and see if anything was different from other sushi restaurants we have visited around town.  A small spot in a strip mall, clean lines, sit down sushi bar, several tables as well as booths.  The decorations were minimal but appealing and comfortable.  When we arrived around 7 pm the place was empty but for two people and the only traffic we saw was take out.  We wrote this off as being new to the area and the word not out yet.
Sushi Bar



After a look at the menu we realized the items were the same as almost every other small sushi restaurant in town.  Nothing we have not seen before Miso, Clear and Seafood soup, appetizers from the kitchen as well as the sushi bar yet we did find several we wanted to share,  my friend ordered the Tuna tataki and fried gyoza;  me shrimp tempura  and from the sushi bar yellowtail  jalapeno.

All the appitizers

All the appitizers

Dumplings well browned with a spicy pork stuffing we have had this dish before, next we sampled the tuna tataki this proved to be more enjoyable, good grade tuna, seared just at the edges generous sized slices with the perfect amount of ponzu sauce.

The tempura three light brown crisp shrimp along with a large onion ring, broccoli flower and a slice of green pepper not a drop of oil or unsavory oil taste was detected, the dish I was most looking forward to was somewhat disappointing, visuals were excellent, thin slices of beautiful yellowtail topped with thin slices of jalapenos, my dissatisfaction on first bite the fish was warm, expecting cold fish with a bit of pop it did not hit the mark.

We scanned the menu again and chose several special house rolls for variety, Naruto, Rose, the Mt Fuji and Diamond rolls. The good news they very much resembled the pictures shown on the menu, every dish had the chefs’ signature finish and it was delightful, portions were plentiful.  Both the Naruto and Diamond roll are items we have tasted before, nice balance of rice to fish but little wow factor. The Rose roll chosen for lack of rice and heavy on fish, more like sashimi plus eye appeal was the biggest disappointment.  Fish like in the appetizer was warm and soft not tender soft but mushy soft. The Mt Fuji was the clear winner, although fried sushi roll are surely a westernization some can be interesting, thus the Mt Fuji; tuna, krab, cucumber, eel and chili sauce plus scallions crunchy bits and mayo.  I know this was a new item on my sushi list.  My friend was not impressed.

Tuna Roll

Naruto and Diamond rolls

Rose Roll

Mt. Fugi

Mt. Fugi


I am on the fence about trying this spot again, but am always open for a second or third try, this is a new spot and may need time to get in the groove.  Give it your own test run, gather friends because food with friends is always better plus you can order a lot of food.







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