Silver Star Chinese Restaurant

5032 Blanding Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32210


We have been searching for Dim Sum, you know the large dining room filled with families, staff going from table to table with carts, heavy with small pots or baskets filled with mysterious food, and have had little luck.  One of our friends suggested we try Silver Star Dim Sum, we looked at the social media reviews and the pictures looked promising, so off we went.  The interior was outdated and lacking charm, but we were there to eat not decorate.



Once seated we looked over the Dim Sum menu, a paper sheet you mark your selections on as well as a specials selection menu, that should have been our first clue there were going to be no carts in our future. We made our selection and waited.  Our first three items arrived just a bit too quickly, we are thinking these items have been cooked ahead of time, this was somewhat validated once we started eating: steamed bbq pork bun was dry and pasty inside, bbq meat an afterthought almost not there, sticky rice in lotus leaf was flavorful but starting to cool, and the shrimp dumplings dry and room temp.

Dim Sum baskets

The other items we selected were much better, stuffed eggplant, leek dumplings, bacon wrapped shrimp noodles rice flour with beef came to the table piping hot and for the most part tasty.  Both the stuffed eggplant and the shrimp noodles with beef are traditionally served in a soy based broth that adds additional flavor, not so much here, for the most part it was watery and flavorless.  The leek dumplings were divine, freshly cooked and tangy, bacon wrapped shrimp crispy, with large shrimp that did not suffer from the deep frying.

Dim Sum mix







rice noodles with beef








Our last dish a traditional Singapore Me Fun, this was the best dish of the meal, stir fried, chocked with vegetables, chicken, eggs and ample noodles, flavor was spot on with just the right amount of spice for both of us.

Singapore Me Fun


I found the meal to be boring, and not what my idea of Dim Sum should be.  There may be a few items I did not sample that would bring me back, but not likely.   If you have not had a true Dim Sum experience  this would not be a good starting place, but this is only one woman’s opinion, give it your own test, and bring the besties, that’s what Dim Sum is all about, small dishes meant to be shared with friends and family.



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