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Food Truck
Jacksonville, FL 32207
I normally do not write about Food Trucks, there are several bloggers in town who do and do it very well; I am not here to even try and match their skills.  What I would like to talk about is the food, because that’s what this woman knows, and it’s only one truck. I have been in search of good Italian food since I moved to town many years ago.  When I say good I mean as good if not better than I can cook, I have only found it in one spot, but the encounter was so distasteful I would never return, then I learned about Catullo’s Food Truck from people who I truly respect who write about the best of the best in Jacksonville.  It took me a while to get on board but now that I am I’m all in.  Because they travel around the city the best way to find them is to check their calendar on the Face Book page Cautollo’s Italian and if you are really in love with the food, arraignments can be made to have them come to your office location.20160819_112730The brothers Catullo and mom Carl Ann run the show, using family recipes, making their own dough for pizza and pasta, choosing only the finest products for the sauces.  Each day they offer specials, a pizza or two of the day, several pasta dishes, salads, roll ups all listed  on the special board plus a regular menu.  Currently I am working my way through the pizza and pasta Specials Board; it changes every day so I don’t get bored or caught up.20160806_111452

Here are a few of my very favorite: Vampire Slayer, full of sausage, garlic and onions, this pie is made for those of us that love all things garlic.  Sausage and mushroom an ample portion of meat and vegetables, the mushrooms give the pie an earth taste hard to resist.











I was also lucky enough to get Mommas Tomato and Onion salad, beautiful farm fresh tomatoes sweet red onions, tossed with high quality EVOO and wine vinegar, perfect for dipping the big slabs of bread being served on the side.


A few other treats; Sausage in Rosa sauce with wide homemade noodles, a hint of hot pepper makes this dish a number one pick for me.


A beautiful Mint Pesto pasta was a perfect light dish for a very hot summer day.  The mint mixed with fresh squeezed lemon was excellent.


Spicy Red Pepper dish proved to be another favorite, I like spicy and these guys know how to do it right.


The last dish I tried may be the one that satisfied me the best a Lasagna Bianco rich, cheesy a hint of nutmeg.


I now have a schedule, each Friday I look at the calendar for location, gather up trusty dog and off we go for lunch.  Catullo’s is one of the few trucks that provide seating for its customers, so if it’s not busy or too hot dog and I eat and spend some time talking with Carl Ann, momma Catullo.  I totally enjoy chatting with her, and one of the brothers  always supplies Winston with water.


Another ritual I am still trying to justify, or is it rationalize, I buy enough food for the weekend, or food to portion for the week.  When I tell you I can eat Italian every day, it is not a lie, and for sure Catullo’s is the food I want.  It may be a little bit of an effort to locate them, but if you do, I think like me and about a dozen of my friends, you will not be satisfied anywhere else.  There are many food truck rallies each weekend,  that are well advertised, make it a family outing, take the kids there are often kid zones, face painting and just kid stuff, plus a day out with the family always is a good deal.




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