Flaming Seafood and Shao Kao BBQ

  1289 Penman Road
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

We ventured out to  lunch, on Sunday to satisfy our curiosity after hearing mixed reviews from our foodie crew.  The former 904 Restaurant, seating is the same, open kitchen, counter service enough space for groups. The restaurant features what they label as Chinese Street food.  Shao Kao BBQ is a variety of meats and vegetables served on skewers.  This style of cooking has already made it ways into the big cities  in America and now we have our own right here in Jacksonville Beach.

Basically the menu is broken down as Garden, Land and Sea, Flaming Specials and Specials.  We stuck with the first two areas and ordered many dishes to satisfy our needs.  The plates are served with the veggies meat and seafood together, when we ordered our server asked us if we would like our food spicy.  My mistake in saying yes, my faulty thinking that spicy meant that actual chilies or other pepper like foods would be the medium.  Not so, what is used as a powder mixture made in house but sprinkled go generously on the food if one did a blind taste test, the only thing you would be able to tell the difference between  meat ,fish or vegetables, would be texture.  After about the first four bites it all was the same, which was a shame. We had some stars and some not so much here are some of the dishes we shared.


Beef Short Ribs, a sweet orange flavored  crust that was so good we wanted more.



The Bacon Fried Rice and Trifecto Potatoes were two more worthy dishes rice full of sweet bacon that blended well with the green onions and scrambled eggs.  The potatoes cooked three ways and finished off in a wok were crisp firm pieces of pleasure.


















Roasted Oysters was our choice from the sea plates, plump nicely warm and well-seasoned made this dish a winner for me.



We each ordered our own special plates here is how they lined up

First plate a mixture of Short Ribs, Chicken Bacon Wrapped Enoki Mushrooms and Steak.  This hands down  the best dish since it was free of spice.



Our second plate Chicken Wing, Shrimp, Short Ribs, Lamb and Steak.  We marveled over the size of the wing it looked atomic, shrimp was head and tail on  served in the shell,  All three of the meat skewers were over cooked and covered in so much of the spice dust there was no way to tell by flavor what you were eating.



My choices Roasted Mussels, Eggplant, Cauliflower, Lamb and Filet Mignon could have been perfect without the spice.  Fat mussels were a pleasure to eat, the veggies were cooked al dente,  on the down side the filet so tough it was inedible.



Our hostess gifted us with a beautiful house made Key lime Tart we used to heal our flaming mouths.



We discussed the experience, decided it would be worthy of a return visit without the spicy option.  There are several vegetable items I would like to try, and want the short ribs for sure.  Also we thought one of the “Flaming Dishes” may be a fun option.  Gather the crew, make the road trip to the beach if you’re a townie, it will be fun.  Remember you are warned about the spice. There is shaker of the home made spice mixture on each table Tread lightly.



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