Newk’s Eatery

6025 Butler Point Rd
Ste 102
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Recently I was invited to a private pre-opening event at Newk’s  newest location at 6025 Butler Point Road here in Jacksonville. I was not familiar with this restaurant and asked around among my friends; all comments were positive, so I was looking forward to a fun time. We arrived at the appointed hour, to friendly faces greeting us at the door, off to a good start.  We were handed menus, then instructed on the ordering process.  The selections are quite robust with an ample selection of pizza, cold and toasted sandwiches, pasta, soup, and fresh tossed salads. Once we placed our ordered at the counter received our drink cups, we took our number and selected our seat.  Newk’s is a bright spot; table spacing allows ample room to move around, several regular and round booths are also available plus a condiment table for any additional items you may desire.
More guests began arriving, each guest was greeted and given the same instructions as we received earlier.  My friend who has been to several of the other locations in town, tells me the company is big on top-notch customer service and trains the staff accordingly.  We were approached several times during our meal to check on us which is always a good sign.I was excited as our food started to arrive; we had selected two pizzas one pepperoni and sausage the other spicy shrimp, a Newke’s Club plus a side of the five cheese mac and cheese.As the pizzas arrived our mouths started to water, yeasty aroma floated off the crust, bubbly provolone and mozzarella cheese ample portions of sausage and pepperoni covered the pie.   
sausage-and-pepperino-pizzaThe shrimp pizza was equally as appealing, large pieces of whole shrimp, red and yellow peppers along with provolone, mozzarella and fresh grated Parmesan and red crushed red peppers.



The Newk”s club was equally as appealing filled with hand sliced smoked ham and oven roasted turkey, thick cut bacon, Ammerlandeer Swiss cheese, aged cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, tomato, mayo, olive oil and made fresh from scratch honey mustard. When I unwrapped the sandwich, the bread was still warm and fragrant.
20161022_182138We also shared a portion of five cheese mac and cheese, a rich and creamy goodness in a bowl.5-cheese-mac-and-cheeseWe totally enjoyed every item we ordered and wanted more; we will revisit this spot for sure, several dishes deserve a try.  Get the besties together and give this place a test run. It opens Monday, October 24th. 

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