Happy Birthday PDQ

I was invited out to the PDQ restaurant in St Johns, for their five-year birthday celebration and the unveiling of a new menu item.  I had been at this location over a year ago when they first opened, so I am pleased to share with you, it is every bit as well maintained and staffed as it was when the restaurant opened.  To my great pleasure, Alonzo Brown, the operating manager is still in residence here, happy and energetic as he was when we first met.

There is much excitement about the new menu item, and we were equally as excited to be able to sample it before it is available to the public.  The sandwich  Honey Butter Chicken is a unique blend of butter, honey a healthy portion of fried chicken, and a large pickle slice.  You may think so?  Once you take the first bite, it all comes together.

Cooked fresh to order the sandwich is placed in a pouch and delivered to your table.  The thought here is it keeps the sandwich warm until you take it out of the bag.


When we took our sandwich out of the wrapper, the aroma drifted out and lingered for just a brief moment, roll still warm, soft sweet and buttery on the first bite.  The chicken some of the best in town, in my opinion, chicken always hand cut and hand breaded before cooking was tender and moist.  The pickle slices tempered the sweetness.  We all agreed, this will become a fan favorite.


Along with the newest addition were treated to a basket of chicken tenders.  Three large strips,  golden brown, served with our choice of dipping sauce. All of the sauces are made in-house and generously served with each order.  Fries hand cut chilled until time to cook, produces a much better fry that is uniform in color when served.




For sure this is a restaurant for the entire family, with several locations in town and looking to expand, it is well worth a visit.  Many families and singles were eating in the restaurant, a brisk takeout business, as well as a drive-through option makes it a perfect place to visit.  Pack the kids in the car and make it a no cook night, do forget to get one of the delicious cookies to finish off your meal.




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