Sushi X (Ultimate Sushi and Grill)

8221 Southside Blvd
Ste 16
Jacksonville, FL 32256

This place was excellent, and more than I expected, an all you can eat restaurant, opened by the Fuji Sushi owner in the San Marco area, this South Side location is perfect for me.  Don’t expect fancy decor, plates that look like artwork with trees that light up or anything similar; what you can expect is fresh fish smartly presented, in unlimited amounts. The disclaimer is, if you don’t finish what you order, there will be a small charge due to a “no waste” policy, so make sure that you only order what you are capable of eating; the disclaimer is on the ordering slips, so no complaining.


When you enter you may or may not be seated by one of the staff, if not just find a spot and grab it. Service on my visit was friendly and attentive, order your beverage then peruse the menu options; they are plentiful. Menus are on each table, as well as the ordering sheets, two columns one for sushi and one for kitchen items, choose up to four in each category and staff will pick it up, and deliver the dishes as they are available. When you are ready for more fill out a new slip.



Here are the items I chose for my lunch on this visit:


The shrimp dumpling had a crisp outer layer, large shrimp portion inside, well seasoned, a perfect bite-sized piece.

The next selection a Tuna Dynamite roll (3 pieces)  was a deep fried, combination of tuna, krabmeat, and asparagus drizzled with spicy mayo; typically I would add soy or wasabi, but this roll was flavorful, so no condiments were needed.

I was still feeling strong thus I selected the Sushi Rock Spicy Shrimp roll (5 pieces)  plus a Nigiri  of Escolar ( white tuna)

The roll stuffed with krab meat, cucumber and cream cheese, the ample amount of cucumber afforded a nice crunch to the entire roll.

The Escolar one piece Nigiri texture fresh and refreshing in the mouth the perfect morsel.


For the last choice,  Green Dragon, Shrimp Tempura, and the BMW rolls.

Green Dragon (4 pieces), contained, avocado over shrimp tempura, the avocado lent a beautiful velvety texture, the tempura fresh and crisp.

Shrimp Tempura (4 pieces), just as one would hope for, firm fish, crunchy outside, warm and sweet inside.

BMW (4 pieces), tuna, avocado spicy tuna was my favorite of this group.  Tuna tender and tasty, avocado creamy and delicious made me love this roll.


For me, the roll pieces are perfectly sized, small one bite pieces as found in most authentic Japanese restaurants.  I give this place thumbs up.  Concept is brilliant, food fresh and well presented, efficient service and priced to please at $10.99 Lunch, Dinner Regular $15.99 and the Dinner Special ( includes everything on the menu) $19.99

Get the sushi lovers in you crowd together and make it lunch or dinner either is a good choice



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