Urban Corner Asian Fusion

820 Lomax St
Jacksonville, FL 32204
One of my food questing friends gave me the heads up on Urban Corner Asian Fusion restaurant.  For those of you familiar with Five Points area in Jacksonville, the location was once Tapas That, so you know it’s a small space, worry not. The new owners have done little as of this writing to alter the look; it is a work in progress right now, but it’s all l good.
On my visit, there was only one server and the kitchen staff, and three tables were occupied, yet I experienced no delay or gap in service. The one thing I did notice, I had to remind my server to please bring utensils or a napkin I have had the same experience in high-end restaurants.  No points off.  It’s called working the kinks out. Let’s get to the food, I am pretty much when it comes to some Asian food, I love the Shrimp Spring Roll, and that is how I started.  Two well-packed rolls, the lettuce, and vegetables inside ultra-fresh and flavorful, two large shrimp were snuggly wrapped in the rice paper.  What made this particular order stand out the peanut dipping sauce that accompanied the rolls, dark thick and so heavy with the taste of peanuts, I wanted to lick the bowl.20161126_122200My next choice, the Pork Stir Fried Curry Noodles, one can choose between egg or udon noodles, I went with the former. I did ask for the dish to be kicked up a few chili peppers in heat.  Cooked in a wok with mixed vegetables, the meat plentiful and tender, rich and filling; an entirely satisfying dish.


I chose to take out something for later in the evening and opted for the traditional Vietnamese Sandwich Banh Mi, served with homemade mayonnaise, sweet and sour carrots, pickles, cucumber, cilantro and moist grilled tender pork loaded with flavor.  The presentation was fetching wrapped like a torpedo shaped gift, and tied with butcher string I was delighted.


Of course, I had to unwrap it for the picture, hey that’s what I do.  The sandwich stuffed full of all the above ingredients after I took the shot I rewrapped it for the trip home.


I did have the sandwich later in the evening and was amazed to find the greens remained crisp, and the bread had not become soggy as sandwiches often do.  Quite flavorful, it was a good decision on my part to plan ahead.

So here is my take, small spot, local owners, all the more reason to support it right?  The kinks will be work out in time, and your world will not end if you have to ask for a fork or napkin.   The room is small but don’t be afraid to storm it with your friends order up some Pho and any noodle dish, go for the Spring Rolls for sure and if you’re in doubt, take something to go,  nothing like a midnight snack to satisfy the beast.



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