4 Rivers Smokehouse Baymeadows

9220 Baymeadows Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Back in 2015, I visited the 4 Rivers Smokehouse in the USC area of East Orlando. So when Frankie Hornick, the general manager at the 4 Rivers location on Baymeadows Rd. invited me out to tour that site and have dinner I was all in.  I am quite fond of Bar B-Q and remembered how much I had enjoyed my visit when in Orlando. The interior is quite similar as I had experienced, a large dining area with high top tables, booths, and regular low tables.  There is also a nice sized outside sitting area perfect for the Florida climate. The restaurant was doing a brisk business when we arrived, most of the patio seats full, and almost half of the dining room area was full with people arriving the entire time we were there.Frankie greeted us then led us to a table and had someone bring us drinks.  We had chatted for a bit before he went off to get us our food.  We were not prepared for what arrived. The first tray was a mix of some of the nicest smoked meat I have seen in a while; each of us had our tray.
Ribs, Burnt Ends, Chicken Wings, Pulled Chicken and Turkey Breast. The aroma sent out by the meat was most inviting, almost triggering the Pavlov effect, but we controlled ourselves as adults do.  Along with the meat, each of us had a small sampling of every side available. Now I am wondering what I did to deserve all this goodness.

I have a few favorites and some I just would not eat anywhere.  Potato salad, freshly made slaw, mac and cheese, grilled corn and my most favorite the bacon wrapped jalapeno. I did sample the others, but it is just food I do not enjoy. We were joyously making our way through the meat selection when the second tray of meat arrived,  yep the second tray.

Brisket, tri-tip beef, prime rib, side of chimichurri for dipping, spicy sausage, sliced pork and pulled pork. We just looked on in wonder, as we tried to do justice for all the goodness that was before us. For the most part, we made a very admirable attempt but were happy to have a few to go boxes.

The meat, because that is why people come to 4 Rivers Smokehouse was off the board.  Tri-tip one of my favorite and not often found in this part of the world was so good I wanted to weep.  Brisket would please the pickiest of meat eaters; I wanted more. Ribs fall off the bone tender sweet and smoky.  The burnt ends the smokiest of meats satisfied with every chew.  I could go on and on, but the aim of this review is to get you dear reader out the door, into the car for a road trip to 4 Rivers Smokehouse.

The last stop was a trip to the Sweet Shop, always a fabulous assortment of cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.  Baked on premises to ensure freshness.  We opted to take ours home.


So the verdict remains the same, go for the food because you deserve a great meal.   There is nothing not to like about 4 Rivers Smokehouse.  Something I did not know on my first visit was how involved 4 Rivers Smokehouse is involved in community activities. They back a multitude of impactful charitable organizations in the area. I always encourage my readers to support local, and this is a perfect example of why I do.

So gather the besties, the kids, and the grands, and make a night of it, chose inside or out, try all the meat and sides,  on the way out find a sweet and take it with you.  I promise you will not be disappointed

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