Timwah Dim Sum Jax

TimWah Dim Sum

8358 Point Meadows Dr #11, Jacksonville, FL 32256
904 329 3676

A friend of my recently chided me about the number of times I eat at TimWah each month and then post all the pictures on FB.  Well, he has no idea about how much I miss the Dim Sum restaurants that were available to me growing up and how poor the offerings have been in Jacksonville over the years. Once I read about Timwah opening, I stalked the restaurant weekly to make sure to  I did not miss anything.  So much so, the owner invited a friend and me in before the opening to take a tour of the kitchen and sit and share tea with him. That was the beginning of our friendship.

The first few weeks of opening were crazy if you were not in line before opening time the wait was going to be an hour minimum.  So those who were on a limited lunch time did not stand a chance.  After a brief reorganization and a second opening, I am happy to report it has gotten much easier to dine.

So now on the important stuff the food; Dim Sum is not something you can make and reheat, so each dish that comes to the table is as fresh as possible. When we go, we try at least one of everything on the cart and sometimes get two or three of the same.

I am not going to bore you with all the plates and steam pots we have sampled but will share with you a few of my favorite.

First up the Rice Noodles filled with roast pork, difficult to make these are only served at dinner, large lasagna like noodles, filled with sweet roasted pork and drenched in a soy like sauce. I go in the evening just for these.

Next, up Sticky Rice, wrapped in a dried Lotus leaf, sweet on the tongue, mixed with meat and steamed to perfection.  This is as good as any sampled in NY or San Fran.


The marvelous Leek Dumplings another favorite.


Going forward I have to give the nod to the Stuffed Egg Plant filled with shrimp and then the beautiful vegetable most people do not eat the fried Turnip Cakes                                                               

I could go on and on posting these pictures, in an attempt to sway you over, but you must go and experience the beauty of this food yourself. If you are familiar with Dim Sum, TimWah will not disappoint, if you are a novice be brave, explore and know there is a dish there for everyone. I will leave you with one last look.  A cart full of beautiful steamed buns, sweet and savory…………………plus some excellent tarts







Remember seating here is limited but so worth going, give the web site a look to verify the hours and make your plans accordingly.  There is not another restaurant like this in Jacksonville that does what Fan and his team do…… Take your besties who enjoy sharing plates, that way it’s actually possible to eat the menu.  LOL

TimWah Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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