Deerwood Bistro

For me moving to a new area of town made it necessary to find not yet discovered restaurants. Today my find was the Deerwood Bistro. Situated at the far left end of a strip mall overflowing with chain restaurants, this family owned and run spot was just what I was hoping to find.

The first step in the door, my eyes catch a dessert case full with  fantastic goodies, one of which was a tray of Cannoli, I had to look away, or it would have been six to go please.  The restaurant interior is bright and spacious a combination of booths and tables.  You order at the counter, get your number grab a glass depending on your drink choice, coffee and cups are available in the coffee area, refills are free.

My first choice, the Nova Lox, and Bagel combination platter.  This particular combination is not seen on many menus here in Jacksonville, and when I see it, I own it then make a mental note to return often. When it arrived at the table the plate was nicely balanced with four marvelous looking slices of the coveted Nova Lox, a generous amount of red onion, plus a combination of black olives and capers. The everything bagel was well like a New York Bagel, in size and almost in taste.

Nove Lox with all the trimmings

Assembled treat






I quickly assembled all the components to make a most satisfying sandwich.

There was also  a hankering for some Corned Beef Hash, when it arrived visually it was not what I had imagined when ordering, but once tasted it was clear this is the dish I had in mind.  Cripsy shaved potatoes, large slices of the Corned Beef. No salt, pepper or any other condiments needed. The flavor stood on its own.


Corned Beef Hash

So I am putting Deerwood Bistro on my list of places close to home I need to visit often.  They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The staff checked in frequently on me and the other diners but were never intrusive. I proclaim this restaurant worthy of a visit,  bring your family, friends to enjoy this food. Get the Cannoli to go.


Deerwood Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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