The Stuffed Beaver

The Stuffed Beaver opened last week, so naturally, we had to check it out, this quirky place decorated in all things Canadian was a delightful change of pace. A hole in the wall with 15 tables is serving up some French Canadian comfort food you will not want to miss.

Selections such as Crepes both savory and sweet, a variety of poutines, salads, sandwiches, and Castor Tails a marriage between a crispy Croissant and Donut if you eat nothing else you must eat this.

We started with  Poutine and Chicken, for those of you unfamiliar with this dish; Poutine is a French- Canadian classic that is served across Canada. It’s a hearty dish of French fries, fresh cheese curds, and brown gravy. Ours was a respectful sized portion that the four of us devoured.  The cheese curds were plentiful and fresh, gravy savory and the fries just right.

Poutine with Chicken, fresh Cheese Curds


Next up we indulged in a few Crepes, I don’t believe any restaurant is currently offering Crepes so if you’re a fan as I am this is your place. One of our favorites was the savory Monte Cristo stuffed with Cheese, Raspberry Preserves, Ham, and Turkey and finished off with a sprinkling of powdered sugar wrapped in a paper-thin nicely browned crepe.

Monte Cristo with Fondue Bites

On the sandwich side, we selected the Croque Madame, served on hardy Sourdough bread with ham, Béchamel, and Gruyere topped with a Sunny Side Up Egg.  Perfectly grilled with the cheese melted just enough to bring out all the flavors this was an excellent choice.

Croque Madam

Our most significant treat though was the Castor Tail….I can easily say I would come back and just eat this, it is quite addictive and is served with several variations of toppings. We opted for the Maple Spread and Bacon Sprinkles (think real bacon) here. Crispy, sweet warm, flavorful, decadent, how many adjectives do I need to convince you to get this item? I actually have been back and gave the Nutella topped Castor Tail a test, and yep it was great!


Castor Tail with Mapel Glaze and Bacon

This spot comes highly recommended by several of the best foodies in Jacksonville, so we encourage you to visit and make up your own mind.



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    • When you get ready let me know and I’ll go with you it’s right up the street from my house.

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