Want Coffee, Civilized Coffee right here in Jacksonville has you covered

Hey my coffee loving Peeps, I have recently been introduced to Civilized Coffee a local company in the Baymeadows area. Let me share some information about them and their product and the reason I am so on board.

One of the major selling points for me, besides the excellent coffee, is the fact they have their people on the ground in Africa, selecting the finest beans available that are grown and sourced responsibly; cutting out the middleman and providing fair trade opportunities for the growers. The second and perhaps the most exciting is that the coffee is shipped directly to Jacksonville where small-batch roasting and blending of the hand sorted beans take place. So when you purchase from Civilized Coffee, you will be getting a proprietary blend of African Arabica Beans, farmed in the regions of Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

There are several blends to choose from: Cold Roast, Medium, Dark and Light Blond Roast currently they are only available at Lucky Market in Neptune Beach, which for a “townie” like me is a trip that requires a snack; but if you’re an Amazon fan no matter where you reside Civilized Coffee is offering their “Best Deal” running from August 17-31. the promotion is 20% off Whole Bean Coffee. Now is the perfect opportunity to get on board to sample the coffee and support locally.  I have included the link to the Amazon page for your buying opportunity.  Check it out, Civilized Coffee

I have also included the link to the  Civilized Coffee FaceBook page.






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