As authentic as it gets at Golden House Restaurant

It is well documented I am an Asian food fanatic and could eat Chinese every day; I was recently introduced to Golden House by a chef friend, who promised me it would be the best Chinese food available. A little skeptical, but all in I made the trip over to Baymeadows Road. In a previous life, this building was a drive through as well as eat in the restaurant, now new owners have updated the interior, and the chefs at Golden House are committed to serving their version of the most authentic Chinese Cuisine around.

Reading the menu made my head spin, dishes I have never seen on any of the Chinese restaurants previously visited filled the pages. Names like Stir Fried Snails with Spicy Sauce, Braised Sea Cucumber in Brown Sauce, and Coriander Fried Quail had my mouth watering. Not to fear there is a large selection of what most of us are accustomed to eating and ordering.  We stayed pretty basic in our choices, this time, but a second visit is on the calendar. What we did order was as promised the best I have tasted so far.  Take a look.

First, up the Scallion Pancake, zesty, crisp green onions filled a perfectly shaped pancake then cooked to a golden brown. The pancake is one of my favorite appetizers, and this did not disappoint.


Scallion Pancake

The second choice and always a must have Pan Fried Dumplings; this particular order was filled almost to the point of bursting,  a light golden hue with soft dumpling skins made this a craveable treat.

Traditional Pan Fried Dumpling

Another must-have Steamed Soup Dumplings, these fluffy pockets reward the ower with a rich broth.  Some are served with a small straw to suck out the broth; I take a little bite on the side to drink the soup out of the dumpling. No matter the form of delivery from plate to mouth, it’s a most rewarding experience.



Steamed Soup Dumplings

We each ordered a Bento Box. The very first Bento Boxes fed warriors on the road hundreds of years ago.  Throughout the years the box has adapted, but the main ingredients remain unchanged, the Bento Box contains the major food groups from fruits, grains, dairy,  vegetables, and a protein. As you can see here we did indeed cover every group.

Curried Beef Bento

Bento Box

Curried Chicken Bento

I must say my visit to the Golden House was eyeopening and delicious. There are so many dishes yet to be discovered, and I certainly look forward to my return. If you have not however been to Golden House, I do encourage you to do so.



Golden House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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