A feel of New England right here at Neptune Beach Restaurant Doro

I have become a fan of Restaurant Doro, the driving factors well the food is at the top of the list, the decor second.  I seldom rave about decor, but in this instance, it’s driven by the memory of living in the North and summers spent in New England. Soft blue and white interior, walls adorned with images of pastels, sea oats, boats and stunning houses that line the beaches in the area. One can almost hear the water lapping the shore.  There is no pretention here, but fresh, comfortable space to dine.

The food at Restaurant Doro is top notch, locally sourced when possible to ensure the freshest offerings to the guest. Chef-owner Christopher Polidoro has earned a reputation for his innovative cuisine and a knack for blending flavors that tease the palate. On this particular late night foray, the first win was scoring a seat at the bar, one of the most coveted spots in the restaurant with only six seats first come first choice; I suggest you arrive early or late. Your reward will be watching the magic taking place right before your eyes, and chatting with the chef.

Chefs table

Best spot in the house the Chef Table

Here are a few of the items we chose; We watched in wonder at the chef crafted this stunning Burrata cheese over tomato jam with a fresh peach slice dressed with Balsamic reduction. I can honestly share I have never tasted a Burrata that I enjoyed as much as this.


Burrata Cheese over Tomato Jam with fresh sliced peach, Balsamic reduction drizzle

Next option Seared Octopus Aioli Potatoes with Tomato Jam. When this plate arrived, it was still sizzling the aroma filled us with wanting. Perfect char, the meat moist and tender.  Octopus can be a challenge to not overcook, but the chef nailed this at 100% The tartness of the tomato jam complimented the aioli potatoes. We demolished this in no time.

Chared Octopus

Charred Octopus, Aioli Potatoes, Tomato Jam

Due to the late hour, we opted not to have an entree, but dessert is always on the menu for us. Tonights offering Cannoli dipped in Pistachio nuts. All components of the dish are made in-house; shells thin, sweet and crisp, the ricotta stuffing creamy and divine plus the abundant amount of pistachio on each end well you know just right.

Pistaschio dipped Cannoli

There is no denying Restaurant Doro is a beach favorite for us and many of the residents.  If you have not yet made the trip, perhaps now during offseason is a perfect time. I still recommend reservations.

Restaurant Doro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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