Hot new restaurants? Put DOMU on that list

So the DOMU madness has subsided a bit, and it continues to remain one of the hottest places in Jacksonville. I managed to make it out for two days during the soft opening, and the madness was in full force. Now a few months in if you plan the timing just right it is a little less hectic and a lot less noisy. The restaurant is everything one hopes for, well laid out, ample seating, spectacular decor, ambiance casual yet lively and inviting. The bar and craft cocktails are second to none for their imagination and presentation. The chefs counter in the dining room is the most coveted seating in the restaurant, this may be one of the best in the city for an up-close view of what really happens in a well-organized kitchen.  DOMU will not take reservations so plan accordingly.

We were totally blown away by the uniqueness of the items available on the menu and how well each dish was executed by the team of chefs that filled the kitchen.  Here are just a few of our choices:

DOMU Wings, what can I say, you have to experience them to know just how very unusual they are. I don’t know if wings can be decadent but if so these fall into that category.  Coated with a Kimchi Butter Sauce that crisps up on the grill provide a flavor profile you will remember long afterward.



DOMU Wings

The Fingerling Baravas comprised of crispy fingerling potatoes, a somewhat spicy Kewpie mayo, sour cream, chives, and Japanese spices. Interesting on the first bite, but most likely not a dish I would feel I needed to order again.



Fingerling Bravas

Now a dish I would order again and suggest you may do the same is the Cheezus. Similar to the Mexican Queso Fundido,  Cheezus proves to be sophisticated and flavorful.  The combination of fresh corn removed from the cobb, Kewpie Mayo, melted Mozzarella Japanese spices, scallions, and lime the flavors will be an explosion in your mouth that will let you know you chose the right dish. We ordered a second one for the table, no regrets



Another must try at least once Black Truffle Burrata. As a burrata lover, my mind was blown away by the flavor infusion plus the smoothness of the cheese center. The Mozzarella is infused with black truffles and filled with cream, yuzu gelee then topped with a torched tomato and Thai basil leaves.


Black Truffle infused Burrata

We finally made our way past all the new plates and hit the ramen selections of the menu. I opted for the New Japan Mazemen, a no broth dish with a Shio base, black garlic oil, kewpie mayo, scallions, Japanese Beech mushrooms, kikurage, chashu ends, ontama. I had to ask what the last three ingredients were but the staff was right on top of it and told me. This was my first Ramen without broth, and I will order it again that’s how very flavorful I found the dish.


New Japan Mazmen Ramen

The Curry Ramen we ordered once again excited us. Chicken broth, with a fried chicken thigh, Japanese Beech mushroom, menma a Japanese condiment made from lactate-fermented bamboo shoots, Thai basil, scallions, Thai chili paste.  You choose the depth of heat, and the chef will fix you up. Not a true Indian Curry flavor, but please do not let this keep you from exploring other cultures representation of a curry dish.



Curry Ramen

DOMU may be one of my favorite new restaurants in town.  From the very first day to the present, they have proved themselves to be well organized, top-notch service, a well-stocked bar with unusual drink offerings not often found in town. I encourage you the reader to get out there and eat DOMU would be the place.

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