Cool weather calls for comfort food, and Ruby Tuesday has the goods

Fall is my time of year. Cool-weather allows me to indulge in comfort food minus the guilt. You know, it’s like fuel the beast to keep her warm. Well, I am happy to share with you that Ruby Tuesday has introduced two new menu items. Guaranteed to not only to please but satisfy every comfort-loving gene in your body.  For a limited time only “Classic Twists” like the Hot Honey & Bacon Chicken sandwich and the Mac N’ Cheeseburger. Both are available with tots or fries for just $7.99 each. And don’t pass up the Ruby Tuesdays Garden Bar for only $3.99.

We always take advantage of the salad bar offers, even in the chilly weather. With an incredible 55 item offering, there is something for everyone to select.


Build your salad

Our first order was the Hot Honey and Bacon Chicken Sandwich with fries. We were both well speechless when the sandwich arrived. It was huge, one of those two-handed items. Steaming, with a crispy brown coating oozing with honey and heat.

Hot Honey and Bacon Chicken

After much oohing and aahing, we dug in. The Hot Honey & Bacon Chicken Sandwich offers crispy fried chicken tossed with hot, spicy butter for a Southern kick, finished with bacon and cheese. We loved it, and as we finished up the last crumb mused, were we going to be able to eat the next offering?

Never, people to give up, we waited patiently for the Mac N’ Cheeseburger to arrive. Well, if we were impressed with the Hot Honey & Bacon Chicken, the Mac N’ Cheese sent us to another level of ecstasy. The burger contains a healthy portion of beef patty, massive amounts of mac and cheese,  slices of melted cheese, and bacon. This particular burger received a 10 for taste, 10 for satisfaction.

Mac N’ Cheeseburger

Don’t let this offer expire without trying one or both of these classics. I have been back to satisfy my Mac N’ Cheese obsession.




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