VUCC Street Food the best of blended cultures

Vucca Street Food evolved from a vision to bring together flavors of Italy with  Italian-American favorites. History showed us when immigrants moved to their new country, many of the ingredients so familiar to them were no longer available. Using what was available, blending the best of each cuisine created the Italian-American food we love today.

Enter Vucca Street Food Jacksonville’s newest entry into the food truck line up. I  was finally was able to satisfy my taste buds and wanted to share with you just how very authentic the food is. The food is full-service kitchen worthy served from a food truck. Let’s take a look

My first choice, the Braccolie – braised stuffed beef, red wine Pomodoro, smoked gouda, Castelvetrano giardiniera. Served on a toasted sesame long roll. The meat full-flavored and fork-tender. I have found nothing in Jacksonville that even comes close to the goodness presented in this sandwich.


The  Pasta al Forno, my favorite.  Pugliese orecchiette, roasted acorn squash, Taleggio Cheese, toasted sunflower gremolata. The flavors were thought-provoking and satisfying on every level. The sunflower gremolata added a new level of texture.

Pasta al Forno

The Mozza was amazing. Soft sweet focaccia made this sandwich an overwhelming favorite as well.  Fresh mozzarella, roasted tomato, grilled marinated eggplant with crisp baby arugula and kale pesto. Vucca also offers vegan mozzarella if requested.

For our last taste of the evening, we chose the   Salsiccia. Grilled house-made Calabrian sausage, radicchio fennel slaw, garlic mustard all on a toasted Pugliese roll. I almost wept, that is how good the sausage was. Spicy yet smooth on the taste buds, full-flavored is not to be missed.


Check out their schedule on the home page (link above) or click on their FaceBook page. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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