Holiday Season is upon us and for this blogger that means food

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it’s time to start planning. Matter not what your holiday, it always contains the three Fs fun, family, and food. This year I will be doing more than usual since I will not be traveling.  My big focus will be the dessert portion of the meal, by my choice.

My friend Verousce Mckibbin past owner of the Perfect Pare Catering has started a new and exciting business  By The Pound, offering up some of the most delicate, attractive, and tasty morsels you will find. It has been my good fortune to have sampled several of these delightful bites. As the name implies, the cake itself is a pound cake base, with offerings such as  Classic a Sour Cream & Raspberry frosting, Lovely Lady, Lemon & Blueberry top, and my favorite Florida Dreamsicle Orange & Vanilla.

Tempting Samples

All flavors are available in the petite, mini & party pound cakes. Included in the link are pricing and the current characteristics By the Pound Flavors.

Attached are a few more pics to get your salivary glands working. I promise you these desserts are as good as they look.



So many choices


Many of us will be ordering some food items to be preprepared. I encourage you to order from a local vendor, no matter who you choose. Support your neighbors and friends.
















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