What’s your guilty pleasure?


People that know me will tell you I have way too many guilty pleasures.  But I am here to share one of my favorites. Most Saturday mornings, I harness up the trusty dog and walk to RAM (Riverside Arts Market). I look at all the treasures on my way to my destination,  1784 Bakehouse kiosk. Yep, that’s it.  I select one to two items and home I go. Sometimes they last until Sunday breakfast sometimes not. It’s a guilty pleasure.

All the goodness you want in one location

Al the goodness you want in one location

Well, now we no longer have to wait until Saturday.  A new storefront location has opened on Main St. in historic Springfield. Yes, 1784  Bakehouse is now offering breakfast and lunch in a warm and welcoming environment.

Comfortable decor welcomes in all guests

We were there for lunch and what a right choice on our part. We started with the soup of the day, a  house-made warm and filling Red Pepper Busque with buttery croutons.

Red Pepper Bisque

Added to that, as a shared dish, a farm-fresh Panzanella Salad.  A Tuscan salad made with anchovies, chopped salad vegetables, and bread soaked in dressing. Ours also contained a fresh burrata dripping with newly created pesto.

Panzanella Salad

We moved on to the sandwich options, settled on the Pastrami, with brie, sauerkraut, greens, onions, sweet mustard aioli, and the Country Ham with sea salt butter, fig jam, brie,  arugula. We were not prepared for what arrived. Two entirely composed sandwiches and a bread option I have never had the pleasure of in the past. Packed full of goodness we dove in.


I will not give up my trek to RAM on Saturday morning but will add a trip to the downtown location when I want to indulge another guilty pleasure bread.


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