Bottomless Mimosas may leave your wallet flat

With little to do during the Social Distancing happening in the world,  I wanted to share my thoughts on the Bottomless Mimosas craze. I may have gone for it had I not been in the service industry for many years from server to manager in some great bars and restaurants in New York. Yet people always ask where I can get these over-hyped overpriced drinks.  Here are my thoughts.

Friends often ask, where is the best brunch with bottomless mimosas? I will never understand the cult of cheap bubbly and orange juice drinkers. I’m more interested in the best food, and that is seldom on a brunch menu.

The bottles of Champagne used for your bottomless bubbly drinks may cost the restaurant anywhere from $3 to 5 dollars each and is seldom  French Champagne.  More like prosecco or a bargain American rendition of Champagne. Some restaurants put a time limit on the so-called bottomless drink. Not unlimited, but how many you can chug in the given time frame. Then you must factor in the quantity of bubbly to orange juice. So when the server shows up with that carafe already mixed, one has no idea what the ratio of bubbles to orange juice will be, or if it’s always the same.

Some restaurants here in town offer bottomless Mimosas for free when you buy a brunch entrée. That is another question mark; I can tell you from first-hand experience brunch is a moneymaker all around, with high margins on every dish. Even if you manage to drink your weight in Mimosas to make the bottomless price worth it, the Mimosas got you in the door to spend more on substandard food. Mission accomplished.

So let’s take stock, restaurants are in it for the money it’s their business, but it’s up to us to be smart, do our due diligence.  If you can’t stay away, go for it, but please do not ask me to join in.

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