ABSTRAKT Food Truck a welcomed addition to the food truck family

There is a shiny new truck on the block  Abstrakt Philipino Essence, and what a welcome addition it is to an already diverse family of food trucks here in Jacksonville. Well known Filipino Chef Jojo Hernandez, former Executive Sous Chef at the Florida Yacht Club, will now be serving up some of your favorite dishes.

My only experience with Filipino food was Pancit and Lumpia, then I discovered some of the best Filipino Chefs in Jacksonville, and my education began.  I still love and eat  Pancit and Lumpit but have moved out to some excellent new offerings.

Pictured here is, Pinoy Spaghetti, with a side of Sweet Hawaiian Bread Ensaymada. Filipino-style spaghetti is an exciting take on a classic Italian dish. made with banana catsup and hot dogs. It was for sure a stretch for this Italian food-loving woman, but It grew on me. The Ensaymada is a soft, fluffy pastry topped with white sugar and usually finely grated cheese. I was all in on this.

The to-go box of Pancit and Lumpia combo with chili sauce was most flavorful and my take-home meal for the evening. Another take-home the  Crispy Brussel Sprouts topped with homemade atsara (pickled papaya and a medley of vegetables). Perfect appetizer or side dish! I found my fingers dipping into the container as I drove home.

My order if Pork Sisig, a popular Filipino dish composed of minced pork, chopped onion, and chicken liver, and were finished off with a soft fried egg. I love this dish; there is just enough fat in the pork to satisfy my taste buds.

I always have to finish with a sweet, and my choice was a new item, Crispy Turon with Ube. A popular Filipino snack that’s sweet, crunchy, and satisfying. The Ube or purple yam added color and a delicious nutty flavor.

Do your taste buds a favor and like Abstrakt Filipino on FaceBook to receive locations, hours of operation, plus special event notifications.


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